PS(PSM)double-shot injection molding machine

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The four-cylinder fully hydraulic clamping structure has been patented by China, the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries. The four clamping cylinders are interconnected and have the same clamping force, which ensures that the force of the mould is uniform and the high pressure time is short. It does not need to adjust the mould, and has the self-adaptability of the mould, the sensitivity of low-pressure mould protection, and the service life of the mould and equipment is prolonged by more than 50%. With a special design of a group of composite nozzles and material pipe group to form an independent double material pipe, under the use of the original die, you can produce special patterns and multi-level color products.
Technical characteristics:
1. The unique four-cylinder fully hydraulic clamping structure is adopted, which is efficient, precise, safe, energy-saving and durable.
2. Adding a group of compound nozzles and material pipe groups to a common standard machine to form an independent double material pipe, two independent oil motors for plasticizing, one shooting platform and one nozzle;
3. Two groups of injection systems are set parallel. The injection sequence of two groups of materials can be set and switched. They can be injected at the same time or one after another to meet the needs of different products.
4. Two-component sandwich injection moulding can be carried out.
5. Special designed barrel and screw are corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.
6. Using the original mould, we can produce special patterns and multi-level color products, directly enhance the added value of the products, rebuild the second spring of the old mould, and create additional profits.
7. It can be used to produce monochrome products, one machine for two purposes, providing diversified functions and all-round services.
8. It can be formed in the form of plunger plus torpedo body single material pipe group (special design).
Excellent performance:
1. Repetition accuracy of clamping force is less than 1%.
2. The accuracy of the termination position of the die opening is less than 0.2 mm.
3. The precision of clamping force control is (+0.5%).
4. Temperature control accuracy (+1 C);
5. The weight repetition accuracy of products is less than 0.18%.
6. Pressure retention and back pressure control accuracy (+0.5%);
7. Equilibrium degree of tension rod (Corinth Column) is less than 1%.
8. Parallelism of fixed and moving formwork: when the clamping force is zero, it is less than 0.30 mm and when the clamping force is maximum, it is less than 0.1 mm.
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